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      ( Monday, September 08, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
Life as been well. Hope it has been treating you as well. I worked a few temp jobs since the last time I have posted to my journal. I'm not working this week so I had the time to come to the libary to post here to my journal.

I have been thinking and wondering what the lord is planning for the rest of my life. If only I could know it would make it much eazier to plan my days. I have been writing and writing but I still fell it is not the music the lord wants me to write. I try to focus on gospel writing but for some reason it does come as eazy as the other stuff. Pray that I find what it is the lord wants me to know so that it will not be to late. I guess to late isn't the word for it since GOD is always right on time. #

      ( Thursday, August 21, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
Wow. I didn't realize that I haven't posted anything since last month. A few things have change in that time. I'm a mommy now. Not that I'm bearing a child but my boyfriends son came from California to live with us. He's a great kid! I can't get over how everything is yes Mama this and yes mama that. He is so polite. I stood be going back to work sometime n the furture. At the moment, I have been just helping withfixing lunch, taking my son to school and doing homeworkwith him.
I haven't been workingout like I should. Running around cleaning house, picking up my son, doing laundry, cooking dinner should be classified as working out. I feel drained by the end of the day.
The realhouse.com looks like the party may be over....Who knows may be they will get soem more crazy people in there. I can't speak to loud since I use to be one of those crazy people.
I have a computer up and running at home but it's a dinosaur so it's hard to get online and check email that is not on aol but I do come to the libary to check my other mail. If you would like for me to get you email at home just email me at TheeMsLeilani@aol.com. Until then GOD BLESS. #

      ( Wednesday, July 30, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
Good Afternoon,
The work week is almost over. Back to looking for another job next week. I'm kind of glad that I'm work temp position because I don't have to be in one place all the time. It's been fun.
I have been working out after work and I'm tell you my legs are killing me today. No Pain, No gain...It's that how the saying goes.
Sunday is going to be a big day for my house...Andrawri's son will be flying in from California to come live with us. I hope I'm ready to be a step mommy...I don't have kids and really would raither not have the role but hey such is life and I'm sure I'll love it. Hope he is a good kid. :O)

      ( Tuesday, July 29, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
Hey every body!! I've been doing a few temp positions here and there the pass few weeks. I love it, this way I get to be somewhere new every week. This Sunday Andrawri son will be moving back to North Carolina from California. We added a few nick nacks to the house before he get here. It feel more and more like a cute little home day by day. We decorated his son's room, got school supplies and a few other things. I plan to have my computer up and running soon, GOD willing. I haven't had money to actually upgrade it which is the big reason I haven't been online or posted in my journal for awhile.
Summer's almost over and I swear it like rains every afternoon here. Well, almost.
It's pretty freaky...Summer...hot rain.....it sucks!!
Well I'm at work so I need not take advantage of the opportunity to use the computer...I'll chat with you soon I hope

      ( Monday, July 14, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
Hi! How has the world been treating you? I can't complain...oh but wait yes I can. If you have read my web page then you know that my temp job ended about a month ago or so. I just found out that the lady whom signed my guestbook on this web page lyed to my boss about me. Slander would be the correct name for it. The huge fat lady is the one whom signed my guestbook saying she didn't know why I wanted her to sign it but there it was...The other lady who is like 50 plus thought she looked good in spandex at 50 with god knows how many kids, back stabbed me too. I thought wrong about those two *****...excuse my french...but I talked with them about god among other things and trusted that I could share my story of finding god and move to North Carolina with those two old hags but I was wrong. I guess when you feel someone else is liked more than you, gets along very well with customer better than you, and is young happier and more has more energy than you...One does what they have to to survive. The funny thing is I would have never lye on either of those women-If that's what you can call them- and they stabbed me in my back, changed my word around about so many things. The huge fat ugly one said she was into GOD. How could you love god if you go behind someones back and talk about them to other people not to mention try to get them fire. You are not of GOD. JESUS wouldn't do that at all! If JESUS had a problem with someone or something he thought they were doing he would go to them. SO I guess that makes those old hags DEVILS!!!!! Everything I heard that they sayed about me was a lye not to mention much of it was to see if they would back stabbed and they did. GOD doesn't like ugly. It will be a sad day for them when they get what they have coming for what they did. What goes around comes around they always say.

      ( Tuesday, July 08, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
It's been all most a month since I have checked my email or been able to get online. My buddy Tom emailed me and I felt so bad that it took so long to reply to him. I also found out my buddy Gio -whom is in the navy out here- is back from the war. I can't wait to see him. Hope everyone had a get 4th. Chat with you soon.

I should have a few more picture posted in a few weeks. Until then you all take care!! #

      ( Wednesday, June 18, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
I was here...but just for a moment. Hope the world is treating everyone kind out there. Chat with you soon #


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