Embark with me on my Journey
      ( Monday, September 08, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
Life as been well. Hope it has been treating you as well. I worked a few temp jobs since the last time I have posted to my journal. I'm not working this week so I had the time to come to the libary to post here to my journal.

I have been thinking and wondering what the lord is planning for the rest of my life. If only I could know it would make it much eazier to plan my days. I have been writing and writing but I still fell it is not the music the lord wants me to write. I try to focus on gospel writing but for some reason it does come as eazy as the other stuff. Pray that I find what it is the lord wants me to know so that it will not be to late. I guess to late isn't the word for it since GOD is always right on time. #


This weblog is used to stay involved with friends, family, and co worker while learning lifes lessions.

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