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      ( Monday, May 26, 2003 ) Tom  
Wow Leilani! It means a lot to me that you called me a true friend, and I really am happy to have you for a friend...It's funny, because we hardly saw or spoke to eachother when we both lived in San Diego, in the same general neighborhood, and now we've become friends over the internet! I'm glad I contacted you when I did-I didn't know what to expect, but it's turned out really well...The main thing is having a real friend that shares my belief in God and Jesus Christ...Remember that racist KKK guy that signed your website guestbook, and wrote that hateful message to you, about the same time I started writing to you? Did my message to you about that minister to you at all at that time? I hope I was able to help a little...The main thing I was trying to do was show you some love to offset the hatred that guy was trying to throw on you...A guy like that ( and remember he was being used by demons) can ruin your day if you let him get you believing that his hatred is what it's all about...I wanted to remind you that there are other people, a lot more other people, that love you in this world...Love will drown out hate every time, because love is like a boundless ocean, and hate is an extremely weak, self-destroying, pathetic little thing...It's really good to have you for a friend...I never told you this before, but I knew who you were before you ever came into my store that night...I had seen you over at the nearby " 711" a couple of times, and had taken note of you-One time you were buying booze and talking up TRH to everybody, encouraging everybody to check it out...Also, we used to deliver discounted pizzas to TRH, and I was very aware of it because every time they ordered they asked for me by name, because our company's owner had instructed them to do so, so they could get the discount...I don't know if you remember, but every time you guys ordered a delivery from us, the guy that ordered always first asked to talk to "the manager Tom." After seeing you at "711," I asked one of our drivers if he ever saw you there when he delivered, and he said he did, and told me about you...I actually didn't know much about you at all-just that you were the kind of wild girl that lived at the TRH, but I recognized you when you came in my store that first night...What more can you tell me about yourself? Do you have any hobbies? I'm a huge fan of the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA, which is why my "asianavenue" email address is "mavsman." Who is that boyfriend you keep talking about, and what's his story? I guess that's good for now, Leilani, but I'll talk to you later...GOD BLESS!! #

      ( Wednesday, May 21, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
Good Morning! I slept so well last night. I think this was the first night during a work week that I got in bed before 10:00pm. Another day at work. Chat with you soon

      ( Tuesday, May 20, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
Good Morning to All!! Here are the great and wonderful answers to those few question you asked Tom. LOL. Yea crazy Leilani hitched a ride on a huge eighteen wheeler to North Carolina. The trip was fun and very exciting. I have never went arcoss country in a car let alone a eighteen wheeler, I had the time of my life coming to North Carolina. I guess I should let you know that I sleept about half the time on the road if not more. My reason for leaving? I didn't have a reason, I guess I figured when I asked and they said yes, it was meant to happen. Not to mention I have heard my mother say time and time again that if she would not have had kids so young she would have loved to travel. I guess I did it out of the heart of my mother. A culture shock is a understatement when it comes to the way life is here in North Carolina verses California. I never heard of a store called PIGGY WIGGLY, or FOOD LION. I plan to come to California, I'm working a temp job and if it doesn't become a perm position I will be on my way out there.
I miss San Diego alot. When I watch movies or anything on TV that shows California and the places I have seen there I get pretty sad and home sick. I'm glad I can talk with someone from back home over the internet. Your a true friend Tom. #

      ( Monday, May 19, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
wow! I feel so loved....It's time to get off work and I can't type long but thank you for posting here in the blog. I hope to see you post here more often Tom. I'll answer more of those questions tomorrow first thing when I get in here at work. Until then GOD BLESS!!

      ( Monday, May 19, 2003 ) Tom  
Hi Leilani, and everybody else out there that reads this...This is my first ever post to a blog...I'm sorry it took me so doggone long to keep my promise and post to your blog, Leilani, but here I am, finally (I told you I was shy)...Thank you so much for inviting me...It does sound like you're having a lot of fun there in the deep south...It's funny, but I feel like I know you pretty okay, even though we only met twice, briefly-It may be that I'm deluding myself about that, but I'm glad we've become internet friends...How'd you happen to move over there, anyway? I remember your story about hitching a ride with some other people, but I'm wondering what the reason was? That's quite a move, and I'm guessing it was quite a culture shock...Are you still planning a visit to Cali? I guess I have to close it off for now-I'm on a computer at the San Diego State recreation center, and there're closing soon...Please don't hesitate to send me email, Leilani-You're one of the few people that ever sends me messages, and I'm always glad to hear from you.....I'll talk to you later #

      ( Friday, May 16, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
The end of the week!! Thank GOD!
I know I haven't posted anything here for over a week guys but here it is...It's not much and the week as been slow. I'm starting to wear weary of work. I put in a application for Admin Asst with the Corp office or Office manager at the Georgia branch. Humm I guess my web page name will change to Living in Georgia. I wouldn't mind living in georgia actually, it could be pretty nice, pretty tempting too. I'm really trying to stay away from places that are tempting to me. Well It's about time to get off work. Chat with you all soon. #

      ( Wednesday, May 07, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
The middle of the week...Two days left and counting the minutes.
If you have not noticed I have posted a few of the pictures I promised. Wonderful Weekend Photo Page turn out pretty good. If you have any questions or ideas for me, Please feel free to email me your idea or check my web page to see if I'm online. You will find a yahoo messager icon near the bottom of the page which will give you the opportunity to chat with the one and the only Lydia Leilani...ME :O)
***NEWS FLASH***I plan to have the Links page up and running very soon. This page will still be underconstruction as I continue to change the layout. There will be a page just for links and poems and so forth. I will also be including a page just for infromation links in the music industry as well as any information on modeling and acting. Have a GREAT Wendesday! #

      ( Monday, May 05, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
Wow! The car is finally fixed! NO more problems, $600 dallors later.
We went fishing again yesterday, I caught my first bass. It was good eating too. That bad boy gave me a run for my time trying to reel him in. I did it, took a minute, but I did it. :)
My buddy, Lyrical was in town this weekend. I gave him some question I need him to answer so I can start putting together his demo packet for both show venues and major A&R studios. He is such a great singer. I pray and hope everything turns out great. Then I can surely be called a manager or something like that.
Have a Great Cinco de Mayo!!

      ( Friday, May 02, 2003 ) lydia Leilani  
I can not believe it!! Everything has been going good that should have told me that it wouldn't be long before something went wrong. The devil is always there, he is always waiting. I have a few word for him...be gone In JESUS name!! AMEN! Thank you LORD!
For the last few days my car has been overheating. Andrawri went to have it work on and spent $$$ to get it fix yesterday. Only to find out the what we already knew and more was wrong with the car, not only was the thermastat froze but after he came to get me we found out that the pressure from it over heating cause a leak in the radiator. BOO HOO! Our friend-Jason- called around this morning and found us a radiator for $100 which is much better than $200 from the parts store. I was late to work and I have to leave early because Carrie whom was so nice to bring me to work this morning and take me to get my check at lunch, has to work at 4:00pm. I hope she has a great night at work. I felt so bad to have to call her this morning at 7:00am.
My wonderfully kind and tall handsome co-worker is going to give me a ride home. He is so cool. He calls me the Beautiful Black Girl and he is the Handsome Tall and Fine White Boy. LMAO! Kenny, I know your going to read this so don't be surpized when I attack you on the way home...I just kidding...Andrawri would NOT go for that and nether would your beautiful wife. LOL! Thank Kenny, your a life saver. #


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